Rock Climbing Techniques and Tips

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In this rock climbing technique, we will be focused on your grip. It is often overlooked skill and it is merely an afterthought for many new and experienced climbers. Your forearms are often the first muscles to give in, so why not pay attention to your gripping technique? Also don’t forget that no tips and tricks will help you,if you don’t have the best rock climbing shoes!

Over-gripping is unnecessary – it will wear out your forearms faster and more importantly, increases the likelihood of injury.  The tendency is to over grip and climbers unconsciously squeeze a little tighter. The tighter you grip, the more jerky your motions will be. Keep your arms, back, and fingers relaxed.  Slow down and double check your grip once in a while. All you really need to the least amount of energy to hold you in place or hold your balance.

All holds are different, but the principles to holding them remain the same. The key is to relax! Whether youre holding onto a tiny crimp, a huge jug, or a rounded sloper, you should keep your gripped as relaxed as possible. I know you may be thinking, But how can I hold on as relaxed as possible? Ill just slip off!  What I mean is, grip on to the hold with only the minimum amount of strength you need to hold yourself. Each hold requires a different hand position and different amount of strength to hold on.

Crimpers keep your fingers elongated as much as possible. Use the first few sections of your figners to try to hang off the hold as much as possible. Do not crunch up your fingers and wrap them around the hold. You increase the risk of injuring your tendons.

Jugs– Get as much of your hand inside the pocket as possible. Use your fingers only to balance your hand in there. The main point of contact should be in the palm of your hand where your palm and fingers meet. This distributes the weight to your back and shoulders, lightening the load for your fingers.

Slopers- find the point where you have maximum contact with your hands and use friction to keep yourself from slipping off.  Keep your body as low as possible when hanging on the sloper until youre ready to advance. Think of is as pushing yourself up past the sloper using your back and shoulders rather than pulling yourself up as you would on a pullup bar.

Practice your grip climbing technique on different holds and get comfortable with them